Episode 35: Managing Waterways Along the Suwannee River in Florida

Did you know that the Suwanee River Water Management District is responsible for managing the water supply, water quality, flood protection, and natural systems in a 15-county area of Florida including 13 different river basins, and over 450 springs? They do all of this with a core team of 66 staff members and a variety of hydrologic monitoring equipment from Teledyne RD Instruments. On this episode of the podcast we have an interesting and fun discussion with Tara Rogers and Kevin Jones on the scope of their work, areas of responsibility, challenging operating conditions, and how important the data they collect is to residents and even the National Weather Service. For more information on the work that Tara, Kevin, and the team at the Suwannee River Water Management district are doing to monitor and protect the rivers and springs in their district, visit their website at

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Coastal News Today Launches the American Blue Economy Podcast Hosted by Retired Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet

Coastal News Today this month launched its latest addition to American Shoreline Podcast Network ( The American Blue Economy Podcast will air monthly and be hosted by retired Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, PhD, CEO of Ocean STL Consulting. Admiral Gallaudet is the former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Deputy NOAA Administrator, and before that Oceanographer of the Navy.

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Executive Directors Message - April

A 2020 study by the Wall Street Journal examining diversity and inclusion among S&P 500 companies found that diverse organizations achieved higher productivity and innovation. Diversity creates adaptability, which furthers nonlinear thinking patterns and leads to innovation. In the field of ocean science and technology, diversity, collaboration, and innovation are essential for advancement. 

Now more than ever, amid the hardships surrounding the global pandemic, organizations should be focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace. Inclusiveness drives economic growth, industry expansion, and can be an competitive advantage. “Companies in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity in management were 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry mean, and gender-diverse companies are 21% more likely to earn more revenue,” according to a McKinsey report

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Register for Upcoming Blue Economy Webcasts

MTS and The Ocean Exchange’s Blue Economy webcast series is getting noticed! More than 250 people have joined us to learn more about the various facets of the Blue Economy. Here’s what participants are saying:

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Marine Technology Professionals Are Going Places! Connect with them in the MTS Career Center

Visit the MTS Career Center

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Ocean in Action & Port Security Summit Registration Open

Oceans in Action is the premier Gulf Coast regional marine technology event focusing on emerging technologies. This year, the event will be combined with the Port Security Summit and will bring together representatives from the federal, state, local levels of government as well as private organizations for exhibits, presentations, and pier-side demonstrations. The event is being held in association with the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise and the Port of Gulfport. CHECK OUT THE FULL SCHEDULE & REGISTRATION INFO HERE!

ECOPs Section Open - Meet Two ECOPs

MTS provides opportunities for its ECOP community to further advance their career through capacity development, training, and networking opportunities. ECOPs are professionals starting their career and making connections in the ocean science field.

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Abstract Extension for Global OCEANS 2021: San Diego - Porto

The deadline to submit your papers for Global OCEANS 2021 has officially been EXTENDED to Sunday, May 9! 

Don’t miss out on this extra opportunity to present your conducted innovative research to a broader audience.

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Now Accepting Award Nominations until May 31

The Marine Technology Society is now accepting applications for the 2021 Awards and Honors program as well as nominations for MTS Fellow. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2021.

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SeaState Podcast - Chris German from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Discusses His Research in Deep Ocean Exploration

SeaState talks with Chris German, Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, discusses Geologic controls on seafloor fluid flow (Vents & Seeps) Impact of hydrothermal activity, seeps, on ocean budgets Chemosynthetic Ecosystems, Astrobiology & Origins of Life New Technologies for Deep Ocean Exploration

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Teledyne Podcast - Slocum Glider "Silbo" Circumnavigates the Atlantic Ocean - Part 4

Episode 3​4​

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A Message from COL's Next President and CEO

Please find a message from the Consortium for Ocean Leadership's New President and CEO

Consortium Members and Colleagues,

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MTS Will Hold a Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Event on April 21

The Marine Technology Society will hold a Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion webinar event on April 21 at noon. Guest speakers include: Kenneth Bailey, NOAA, Director of the Office of Inclusion and Civil Rights; Lonnie Gonsalves, NOAA, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science; Camila Ramos, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Fugro; and Angela Christie , Leadership & Organizational Development, Fugro.

MTS Journal Going Digital

Beginning with the May/June issue, the MTS Journal will be available in a digital format via the MTS website and the Ingenta database. A print on request option will be available to Members.
Going digital benefits our Members.
  • Years of research at your fingertips with searchable features!
  • All Journal articles are available to members through Ingenta, which features a search function, so members can find articles on specific topics with ease.
  • Only members have access to the entire collection of Journal articles.
  • We are going green - digital issues promote sustainability and are environmental friendly!
  • Digital archives are a sustainable way to ensure the Journal is being cataloged and preserved.
  • Printed copies will be available at request.
We need your expertise!
Guest editors are needed. This is an exceptional opportunity to serve as an editor of a renowned research publication in the ocean science field.

Members Receive Exclusive Access to Webinar Library


A collection of thirty-six webinars and growing is waiting for you! MTS Members have exclusive access to a library of recorded webinars on a myriad of ocean science topics.
Catch up on the following:
An Offshore Energy Perspective on Managing HSE During the Age of COVID
• From Managing River Silt to Coordinating Communication Amongst Platforms and Energizing Industry-Education Partnerships: The Marine Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Part II
• Powering the Blue Economy™ Ocean Observing Prize Q&A Session
• The Ocean Enterprise Study: Changes Within the Last Five Years
• Scientific Exploration of the Indian Ocean: Nekton & Teledyne Marine Requiring a Long Calibration Lifetime
• Accelerometers: Latest Advances for High-Accuracy Positioning and Guidance Applications Requiring a Long Calibration Lifetime
• Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM): Update on Federal Offshore Renewable Activities & Future Outlook
• Offshore Diversity and Technology
• Umbilicals: Brownfield Problems and Solutions
• Challenging Convention: In-line Inspection of Unpiggable Subsea Systems
• The Marine Applications of Unmanned Systems
• Price of Oil: Global and Local Impacts to the Offshore Industry
• MTS Technology Forum – Technology Trends and Challenges
And as part of your membership, you can not only access recorded webinars, but you can also present a webinar. Does your organization have research or industry knowledge to share? Does your committee or section have information to promote? We want to hear from you. We are soliciting for webinar topics and presenters that are of interest to our membership. Complete the Webinar Information Form.

Engaging with the Blue Economy Webcast Series April 7


On April 7 at 11 a.m., join us for the second webcast in the Engaging the Blue Economy series produced by The Ocean Exchange™ and the Marine Technology Society (MTS) . Yi Chao, Seatrec; Carrie Schmaus, Water Power Technologies Office; and Robert Cavagaro, Pacific Northwestern National Lab will discuss Mobile Power Generation.
More than 140 participants joined us for the webinar series kick-off on March 3. Claire Jolly, OECD and Dr. Monica Grasso, NOAA, delivered an engaging talk about Blue Economy in Perspective from the United States and Global Lens along with expert speakers in the fields of Wind Energy, Coastal Infrastructure, Decarbonization of Ocean Transportation, Geospatial Data, and Marine Conservation. Miss the webinar event? You can access it here.
Upcoming webinars in these series are:
April 7 – Mobile Power Generation
May 5 – Aquaculture
June 2 – Offshore Energy

Global Oceans 2021: Call for Abstracts is Now Open

Have you conducted innovative research that you’d like presented to a broader audience?
Abstracts will be accepted for engaging and cutting-edge technical papers. Once the submission window closes, the top abstracts will be chosen and those authors will be invited to submit a full paper. The final technical papers will be featured in OCEANS’ prestigious technical program. (For any author who has already submitted an abstract to OCEANS 2021 Porto, the abstract will automatically be transferred to Global OCEANS 2021.)
Global OCEANS 2021 will be a hybrid conference, with both on-site and virtual components. Authors submitting abstracts to the technical program will be given the option to present either on-site in San Diego or through the conference’s virtual platform.
Abstracts and full technical papers must fall under one of the topics for this year’s event. ABSTRACT DEADLINE IS APRIL 19.

OTC 2021 Emerging Leaders Program Open Deadline April 6

The OTC 2021 Emerging Leaders program is open for nominations and the deadline has been extended. Submit your nomination by Tuesday April 6, 2021.
The inaugural OTC Emerging Leaders program will recognize one young professional from each of OTC’s sponsoring, endorsing, and supporting organizations at OTC.
The OTC Emerging Leaders are young professionals who are making key contributions to the offshore energy sector in their field of work, service to the industry, innovation, and focus on safety. LEARN MORE AND SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION HERE!

Ocean in Action & Port Security Summit Registration Open


Oceans in Action is the premier Gulf Coast regional marine technology event focusing on emerging technologies. This year, the event will be combined with the Port Security Summit and will bring together representatives from the federal, state, local levels of government as well as private organizations for exhibits, presentations, and pier-side demonstrations. The event is being held in association with the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise and the Port of Gulfport. REGISTRATION AND MORE INFO

Early Career Ocean Professionals Section Open


MTS now offers a new Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) membership category. ECOP members are defined as “an individual who is within 10 years of their last professional degree and self-identified as an ECOP.” This membership ($50) will come with all the rights and privileges of Society membership.
To foster outreach and engagement with our new ECOP section, each month in Currents, we will introduce you to some of our newest ECOP members. This month to kick things off we meet, Tony White, Lead Robotics Engineer at Forever Oceans; and Sidney McLaurin, Partner at Material Impact Fund.
Tony joined MTS in January, and he is looking forward to “staying informed on cutting edge [research] and to networking with others in the industry.” He earned a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech and has nine years of working in marine robotics - from autonomous survey boats to swarms; and from mussel farming to now mariculture. Tony said he would like to attend MTS conferences and events on oil and gas, aquaculture and power generation.
Sidney just joined MTS this month, and he works as a venture capital investor. “The largest value to MTS is the community,” he said. “I am looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs, scientists, and professionals in the field.” Sidney has a engineering background and an Environmental Management degree with a focus in Coastal Management from Duke University. “I am most interested in bluetech/marine technology, specifically marine robotics,” he said.
We welcome Tony and Sidney to MTS, and we hope to see them soon at an upcoming event. For more information on ECOPs, contact Joshua Baghdadyto join or visit HERE.