The leading international community of ocean scientists and engineers, practitioners, policy makers, and educators.

The Marine Technology Society promotes awareness, understanding, and the advancement and application of marine technology. Incorporated in 1963, the international society brings together businesses, institutions, professionals, academics, and students who are ocean engineers, technologists, policy makers, and educators.

Our mission is to facilitate a broader understanding of the relevance of marine technology to wider global issues by enhancing the dissemination of marine technology information. Promote and improve marine technology and related educational programs. Advance the development of the tools and procedures required to explore, study and further the responsible and sustainable use of the oceans. Our vision is to be the leading authority and advocate for marine technology and resources while promoting member success and public understanding.

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The Society publishes a peer-reviewed journal — The Marine Technology Society Journal. It has 31 Professional Committees (technical interest groups). The society hosts several conferences yearly. And, it supports 13 Sections, which focus on events and programs unique to their geographic areas, enhancing networking among local colleagues, businesses, universities and government/military offices. 

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Our members and member companies work in all aspects of marine technology including underwater imaging and engineering; underwater vehicle design and operation; ocean observation and exploration; oceanography and meteorology; diving; mooring technology; remote sensing; offshore structures; renewable energy; marine physical and cyber security; underwater archaeology; dynamic positioning; marine law and policy; and more. 

The Society offers members, education and networking; a peer-reviewed scientific journal; news and information; technical resources; and professional development through local sections and professionals committees. Join our community of professionals who are passionate about marine science and technology.

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Marine Technology Society Journal

The Marine Technology Society Journal is the flagship publication of the Marine Technology Society and has been published under its current title since 1969. It publishes the highest caliber, peer-reviewed papers, six times a year, on subjects of interest to the society: marine technology, ocean science, marine policy, and education. Learn more about Journal subscriptions, our Journal archive, and manuscript submissions. MTS Members can access archived issues of the Journal online. Volumes 38-present are available in the online archive. 

The MTS Journal invites submissions of original manuscripts based on research within one of the professional disciplines of the Society. We are currently seeking paper submissions for the November/December issues of the Journal.

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