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MATE ROV Competition

The MATE ROV Competition, a part of MTS, is an underwater robotics (aka remotely operated vehicle or ROV) challenge that engages a global community of learners each year. 

The MATE ROV Competition challenges students to apply math, electronics, engineering, and physics toward solving problems based on real-world workplace scenarios. The competition tasks students from K-12, community colleges and universities within five levels (EXPLORER, PIONEER, RANGER, NAVIGATOR, and SCOUT) to design, build and test underwater robots to complete specified, simulated real-world missions. Students also must organize themselves into mock companies, encouraging them to develop entrepreneurial thinking and business and project management skills while spurring innovation and collaboration to produce and compete with ROVs.  

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The MATE ROV Competition is a global competition that currently consists of 46 regional events that take place in the U.S. and around the world. Regional competitions serve as feeders into the annual MATE World Championship

The Regional Competition Network represents partnerships with organizations such as professional societies, research institutions, state and government agencies, community colleges and universities, public aquaria and science museums, and non-profits. 

Interested in learning more about the MATE ROV Competition, how you can get involved, or to see if there is a regional competition in your area, visit

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