MTS Welcomes New Corporate Member - DeRegt Cables

When were you founded? What type of work to do you do and why is it important to marine technologists?

DeRegt was founded in 1912 and originally began business as a goldsmith based in Rotterdam. In 1950, working through a partnership with Royal Shell Exploration, DeRegt began its first developments in subsea cabling. Over the years, DeRegt has grown in focus and specialization as a world leader in subsea dynamic cabling solutions.These solutions answer the needs of a variety of applications ranging from subsea oil and gas, defense, renewables and specifically the unique and technically challenging demands of the marine research community.

What are the latest technology advancements that you would like to highlight?

DeRegt has recently developed revolutionary techniques for building extremely high strength and light weight subsea cable technology for deploying significantly heavy loads to 3000 meters below the sea surface while still providing power and signal communications. This technology utilizes high strength synthetic fibers built up on multiple layers surrounding the cable core to ensure that load transfer to the sensitive power and communications components of the cable is minimized. Utilizing synthetic strength members achieved the incredibly high tensile load requirement while also maintaining the light weight constraint of the cable itself. 

What prompted you to join MTS? What value does MTS bring your company and the marine technology industry?

DeRegt is highly focused in engagement with our community of clients in various industries. As we are strongly positioned in our home base area in Europe as well as in Asia, we endeavor to grow in our involvement with the US community of marine technologists also. Our culture is based on collaboration and ultimately listening to our clients’ needs to solve particular subsea applications. Joining MTS offers the right level of community engagement, participation and balanced reciprocity that we highly value in our own culture and our business.  What better way to get involved in the marine technology community than joining MTS!

What are you looking forward to participating in as a new MTS member?

This year offers us a glimmer of hope as business and in-person interactions come back.  With our new membership we hope to be part of these live interaction opportunities. However, we also embrace technology and welcome webinars as an opportunity to discuss specific concerns, issues or topics of interest within the marine technology community. 

How can other MTS members best get in touch with you?

We welcome feedback from MTS members anytime.  We can be reached by contacting our US Business Development Manager, Mr. Marco A. Cano, at [email protected] or +1-346-377-4776.  We’d love to have a conversation about cables anytime.

What do you want to share with other MTS members about your company?

Our culture is what makes us. It defines us as to each other within the company, colleague to colleague, and also what connects us to our customers. Our culture is based on collaboration towards a common goal, to listen and serve our clients’ needs, to embrace innovation, to challenge the status quo. We welcome the opportunity to share our outlook with others within MTS membership.

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